Dear colleagues,

We are currently working on a project for the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe relating to a OSCE-ODIHR project called Words Into Action, which links to wider OSCE-ODIHR / UNESCO project on Addressing Antisemitism Through Education. Our work in the project focuses on developing teacher training materials to address antisemitism, bias, prejudice and intolerance. We are aiming to collect data from teacher trainers and education NGOs across the 57 countries of the OSCE.

Our questionnaire aims to help us understand possibilities and challenges in different OSCE member states. We are also very interested in hearing about examples of good practice in different member states. We are interested in teacher training at all levels of education - primary, secondary, vocational and for school directors and principals. Our questionnaire is anonymous and full information is provided about our project in the questionnaire links before any questions are asked.

We will be most grateful if you might consider completing the questionnaire for us and thus provide the project with valuable information on the Swiss context. You might feel, however, that colleagues might be better suited to complete it, in which case we will be most grateful if you could pass on this message. We would also be most grateful if you would consider sharing the link with your contacts in Teacher Education at all levels of education in Switzerland who might have useful observations to make on this issue.

The questionnaire is available in an English and a French version at the links below. I am sorry that we do not also have a German version but I hope that the French one will be of use to some colleagues.

Words into action to address Antisemitism project. Curriculum development research [ ]

Programme de lutte contre l’antisémitisme : des mots à l’action []

Many many thanks, in advance, for any assistance you can give.

Regards Arthur

Dr Arthur Chapman Department of Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment UCL Institute of Education University College London 20 Bedford Way London WC1H 0AL Email: Tel: 020 7612 6440 Mobile: 07906517867